>PA Work Comp Settlements

>PA Workmans Comp Settlements

Some recent settlements of mine:

$170,000.00 for PTSD and back injury

$125,000.00- post-concussive syndrome

$160,000.00- multiple injuries

$75,000.00- back injury

$15,000.00- back injury

$80,000.00- back injury

$75,000.00- back injury

$25,000.00- back injury

$50,000.00- shoulder injury

As you can see, settlements range in scope. The amounts depend on many factors -the most important of which is loss of earning power. Other factors include whether a petition is pending, whether objective findings support the subjective complaints, average weekly wage of the employee, whether an IRE has been performed, whether a Labor Market Survey has been completed, extent of injury, credibility of doctors involved, whether future medical treatment is needed, etc.

Note: Pain and Suffering does NOT apply in Pennsylvania Workers Comp. Fault/negligence is not an issue. Earning power is the focus.

For a free and comprehensive evaluation, call Michael W. Cardamone at 215.206.9068 or email 7 days a week at mcardamone@krasno.com


Fighting For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania
Michael W. Cardamone

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Cardamone Law is a top law firm for injured workers in Pennsylvania with 100% of its practice dedicated to injured workers. Named to the Best Attorneys of America, Top 100 Lawyers in Pennsylvania, Super Lawyer, and Rated Superb by Avvo Ratings, Attorney Cardamone is well known as the attorney for serious work injuries. Free Consults 7 days a week at (215) 206-9068 or go to www.myphillyworkerscomp.com
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