Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Pennsylvania Work Comp

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive work activities- or from a traumatic (sudden) injury, then you are entitled to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Many insurance companies deny carpal tunnel claims. You should hire an experienced PA Work Comp Lawyer to file a Claim Petition if you were denied.

Carpal tunnel can be caused by repetitive typing, or repetitive assembly line work and many other types of activities. Do not let workmans comp have the final say. A denied clam is not the last word. A Judge will decide your case but a petition must be filed. There are important time lines with petitions so speak to a Pennsylvania Work Comp, Carpal Tunnel Attorney.

For more info about carpal tunnel or other common work injuries in Pennsylvania, call Philadelphia Work Comp Attorney Michael W. Cardamone for a FREE consult 7 days a week. 215-206-9068 or email him at

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer

About MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney- The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC

Michael W. Cardamone of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC is one of Pennsylvania's Best Work Comp Lawyers For Injured Workers. Mike is one of only approximately 100 attorneys across the entire State of Pennsylvania who represent injured workers and who are Certified as Specialists. Mike doesn't handle any other type of law like most attorneys, ONLY Workers' Comp for Injured Workers. Free Consults 7 Days A Week. Friendly, Smart, Accessible. (215) 206-9068 or email Representing Injured Workers Across Pennsylvania
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