Monthly Archives: March 2007

>Family and Medical Leave Act- 29 U.S.C. 2601 et. seq.

>Many people have a vague familiarity with the Family and Medical Leave Act. It is an important and useful tool that many employees can take advantage of, and something that is often overlooked by employees. I wanted to share with you the basics of FMLA. Feel free to share this information with friends or family […]

>Late Wage Loss Checks- What is a Good Excuse?

>Every week, I receive at least one call from a client who failed to receive his or her indemnity (wage loss) check on time. With a large number of files, an insurance company adjustor can be overloaded with work. In turn, things can fall off cycle pretty easily. As soon as I hear this news […]

>Independent Medical Examiners Versus Treating Physicians- Striking a Balance

>In just about every workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania, a Claimant will be examined by an “Independent Medical Examiner”. As most practitioners know, these examiners are not “independent”. Instead, they are hired by the insurance companies/employers. An insurance company is permitted, under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, to have a Claimant examined by an IME […]

>Cynicism Towards Injured Workers- A Perspective from a Work Comp Attorney in Pennsylvania

> As a workers’ compensation attorney in Philadelphia for the past 8 years or so, I have witnessed tremendous cynicism from society. It is directed at the injured worker. It stems from a lack of understanding, and I believe, from a media that highlights the negative aspects of our judicial system. Virtually every client of […]