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>Ranger For A Cure

>Ranger For A Cure was recently started by my friend, Christopher Young- an Army Ranger who has served our country two times in Iraq. Chris was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but is on his way to recovery. He is now inspired to help kids fight cancer, and has vowed to raise $25,000.00 for research […]

Pennsylvania Compromise and Release Agreement

This is the text of my article which was just published in the Legal Intelligencer- Our Nation’s Oldest Legal Journal. The Pennsylvania Compromise & Release Agreement- May The Witness Be Excused? The Legal Intelligencer By Michael W. Cardamone Black‚Äôs Law Dictionary defines the term witness as: “In general, one who, being present, personally sees or […]

>Level Playing Field In Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp

>In the vast majority of cases, an injured worker in Pennsylvania does not pay any up front legal fees. Instead, if his attorney recovers wage loss benefits, then the attorney is awarded a 20% fee by the presiding Pennsylvania WCJ (workers’ compensation judge). This levels the playing field for injured workers in Pennsylvania by allowing […]