My Pennsylvania Workmans Comp Claim Was Denied- Am I Out of Luck?

Absolutely not. Many insurers will deny claims under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act for various reasons- some good, some bad. Regardlesss, you should immediately call a workers’ compensation attorney so that he or she can file a Claim Petition on your behalf. The insurers/employers are hoping that by denying your claim, you will give up. A denial only means you have to prove your case in court. Call me for a free and comprehensive evaluation of your case at (215) 206-9068. Or email me, Michael Cardamone at I am available for day, night, week day and weekend appointments- at your convenience.

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My Work Comp Case Is Still Being Litigated- I Am Broke- Should I Apply for Unemployment Compensation?

Yes. You should apply and you will be accepted under certain conditions. Call me for a full analysis of your case. There will be a credit for the Employer if you obtain UC benefits. You may reach me at (215) 206-9068.

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I’ve Been Injured In A Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Accident While Working- Do I Have Two Cases?

Yes, if the accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver (s). You may bring a personal injury (third party) suit against the driver who caused the accident, in addition to a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim against your employer.

The personal injury suit involves negligence (ie, fault) whereas your work comp claim does not. You may recover money in both cases but the work comp insurer will have a subrogation lien against your third party personal injury case- in other words, they will get reimbursed from that recovery to the extent they paid out benefits in your work comp claim.

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>My Check Is Late? What Should I Do?

>Call your workers’ compensation lawyer. He or she will file a Penalty Petition and assert that the Defendant has violated the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act by failing to pay your indemnity (wage loss) benefits in a timely fashion. If not amicably resolved, the Judge will issue a Decision once the evidence is submitted (usually, this consists of a copy of the last check rec’d and some brief testimony from Claimant). The Judge has discretion to award from 0 to 50% of the amount at issue, as a penalty. The longer the delay, the more likely the penalty will be severe.

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Mediation Process

You want to settle your case, but the insurance company isn’t offering enough money. What do you do? Well, one option is mediation- a meeting with a Workers’ Compensation Judge, the defense attorney, your attorney, and a representative from the insurance company (either live or via telephone), in an attempt to bridge the gap between what you demand for settlement and what they’ve offered.

Some mediations are mandatory and some are voluntary. Regardless, I have found mediation to be very productive. In fact, I’d say mediations have resulted in settlement in approximately 75% of cases that I’ve handled this year.

Mediations are beneficial for both parties because the Judge explains to the injured worker that his or her case may or may not be worth X amount of money; same for the insurer- they often need to hear that their offer just isn’t enough given the facts of the case.

Note that even if the Judge recommends a certain figure, it is not mandatory to settle. It is always a voluntary process.

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