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My Pennsylvania Workmans Comp Claim Was Denied- Am I Out of Luck?

Absolutely not. Many insurers will deny claims under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act for various reasons- some good, some bad. Regardlesss, you should immediately call a workers’ compensation attorney so that he or she can file a Claim Petition on your behalf. The insurers/employers are hoping that by denying your claim, you will give up. […]

My Work Comp Case Is Still Being Litigated- I Am Broke- Should I Apply for Unemployment Compensation?

Yes. You should apply and you will be accepted under certain conditions. Call me for a full analysis of your case. There will be a credit for the Employer if you obtain UC benefits. You may reach me at (215) 206-9068. Michael W. Cardamone- Pennsylvania Workers Comp Lawyer For Injured Workers

I’ve Been Injured In A Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Accident While Working- Do I Have Two Cases?

Yes, if the accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver (s). You may bring a personal injury (third party) suit against the driver who caused the accident, in addition to a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim against your employer. The personal injury suit involves negligence (ie, fault) whereas your work comp claim does […]

>My Check Is Late? What Should I Do?

>Call your workers’ compensation lawyer. He or she will file a Penalty Petition and assert that the Defendant has violated the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act by failing to pay your indemnity (wage loss) benefits in a timely fashion. If not amicably resolved, the Judge will issue a Decision once the evidence is submitted (usually, this […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Mediation Process

You want to settle your case, but the insurance company isn’t offering enough money. What do you do? Well, one option is mediation- a meeting with a Workers’ Compensation Judge, the defense attorney, your attorney, and a representative from the insurance company (either live or via telephone), in an attempt to bridge the gap between […]