>My Injury Was Described As A Strain/Sprain- But It’s More Than That- What Should I Do?

>Call me!

Work injuries are often minimized on the Notice of Compensation Payable document. An insurer only has 21 days to accept or deny a claim once notice is given by the injured worker in Pennsylvania. Consequently, the description of the injury is often a “sprain/strain”. Of course, an insurer is not going to voluntarily accept a more serious diagnosis, especially when the medical evidence and treatment has not been developed much at such an early stage.

If you believe your injury was improperly described, call me and I will explain your options for challenging the defintion of your injury. There are a few options and timing is very important. For example, if your employer is alleging that you’re fully recovered, or that you have an earning power based on a labor market survey or an actual job offer, you can challenge the description of the injury at that time since you’ll be in court anyway for litigation.

Do not hesitate to call (215) 206-9068) or email me (mcardamone@krasno.com) because you may be running out of time for which you are entitled to file a petition to challenge the definition.

Michael W. Cardamone- Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Helping injured workers in Pennsylvania is my passion.

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