>I Received These Forms In The Mail From The Insurance Company Asking Me About My Work Status and Physical Condition- Do I Have To Fill Them Out?

>Yes. These are LIBC forms and the insurers send them out from time to time to inquire about your working status and physical condition. If you fail to fill out and return these forms within 30 days, your benefits may be suspended. The insurance companies have a right to know if you are working because they’re entitled to a credit for any actual wages you may be receiving. Likewise, if your physical condition has changed, they want to, and have a right to, know about this.

If you have any questions about the forms, please feel free to call me. (215) 206-9068. Or email me at mcardamone@krasno.com

See also www.phillyworkcomp.com

Michael W. Cardamone…………..A leading workers’ compensation attorney serving injured workers in Pennsylvania. Helping injured workers in Pennsylvania is my passion.

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