Monthly Archives: December 2007

>When Will My Workers’ Compensation Checks Stop?

>There are several scenarios for when the insurance company can stop sending you your wage loss checks. If you settle your case for a lump sum of money, then your checks will stop after the settlement hearing. Or, if the insurance company sends you LIBC forms asking you about your physical condition and whether you […]

>Is The Workers Comp Insurance Company On My Side?

>No! There is a direct conflict of interest between what you want and what they want. You, as the injured worker in Pennsylvania, simply want to obtain the benefits afforded to you by law- wage loss benefits and medical benefits. More importantly, you want to get better. On the other hand, the insurance company wants […]

>Do I Have to Treat With My Employer’s Panel Physicians During The First 90 Days After My Injury?

>It depends. Generally, if your employer has posted a list of at least 6 doctors at your place of employment in a conspicuous location, and if you received and signed a form notifying you of the procedures for treating after a work comp claim, then you should treat with one of the physicians listed. However, […]

>If My Workers Comp Claim Gets Denied, What Should I Do Next?

>Call a workers’ compensation lawyer right away. You’ll need a Claim Petition filed and the sooner the better. You have 3 years from the date of the work injury or from the date you first learned that your condition could be related to work. Don’t hesitate, however, because your claim will be stronger if filed […]

>Does The Insurance Company Have The Right To Obtain My Medical Records?

>Generally, yes. Once you put your physical condition at issue whether by filing a workers’ comp claim, a personal injury lawsuit or a medical malpractice claim, your medical records are fair game. You lose any right to privacy because the insurance companies and their attorney have the right to determine what conditions you may have […]