>Why Should You Hire Michael Cardamone Over Another Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

>Many reasons:

1) Helping injured workers is all I do- 7 days a week, 365 days per year

2) I have a tremendous winning percentage

3) I’ve had the experience of working for the insurance companies in the past and know all their tricks- I use this to benefit injured workers

4) I work for a firm that is considered a top notch workers comp firm in PA

5) I listen to my clients better than other attorneys and don’t avoid my clients’ phone calls

6) I’ve served as a guest speaker on workers’ comp issues and have written articles that have been published in The Legal Intelligencer and The Philadelphia Lawyer Magazine

7) I fight extremely hard for my clients, within the ethical rules that govern

8) I take my cases personally and do not rush my clients into settlement if I believe patience will result in a better offer

9) I possess above average writing skills which pays off at the end of my cases when I must submit written arguments (“briefs”) to the presiding Judge

10) I care about my clients and what happens to them

Call me any time for a free consult (215) 206-9068 or email me at mcardamone@krasno.com

See also www.phillyworkcomp.com

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