Monthly Archives: May 2008

>Can I Get Social Security While On Workers’ Comp?

>Yes. With respect to Social Security Old Age Benefits, if you were already receiving such benefits before the work injury, then there is no offset. However, if you started receiving old age benefits after the work injury, then the workers’ comp insurer is entitled to a 50% offset of your wage loss benefits. With respect […]

>Can I Be Fired For Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim?

>No. Employers are not permitted to retaliate against an injured worker by firing them. An employer is also forbidden from firing an employee based on their religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, or age. If you feel you have been discriminated against by your employer in Pennsylvania, please contact me for an analysis of your case. […]

>How Do I Settle My Workers’ Comp Case For A Lump Sum?

>Call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer like myself to handle this. You will net more money with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer handling the negotiations- even accounting for the 20% fee. Most insurers will want to talk settlement. Do not do this by yourself- they will take advantage of you and offer you less than […]