Monthly Archives: July 2008

>Will My Past Injuries And Treatment Become Relevant In My Workers’ Comp Case?

>Yes, very relevant. Once you file a claim, your prior medical history becomes fair game. The defense attorney has the right to obtain your prior treatment records to determine what, if any, prior similar injuries you may have had. This obviously becomes relevant when the doctors have to render their opinion on causation- ie, whether […]

>Why The Legal Profession Is The Greatest Profession In The World

>I submitted the below article to the ABA as part of a contest. Although I didn’t win, I thought it would be nice to share it here- even if it doesn’t directly relate to my workers’ compensation practice…….. The legal profession is the greatest profession in the world because the world is not able to […]

>My Workers’ Comp Checks Keep Coming Late- Can I Do Anything About This?

>Yes, call me and I will file the appropriate petition seeking payment of the amount due, plus a penalty, and interest, along with attorneys’ fees. No insurer is perfect and sometimes the checks, which are often on an automated pay system, can fall off cycle. However, if the checks repeatedly come late, giving you no […]