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>Cardamone Named Pennsylvania Super Lawyer- Rising Star By Law & Politics Magazine and Philly Magazine


>If I Get Laid Off After a Work Injury, Can I Get Workmans Comp?

>Depends. If you have medical restrictions relating to your work injury, then you will have a very good shot at getting wage loss benefits. However, if you are laid off while working full duty, then you will have a much more difficult time getting workers comp benefits in Pennsylvania. For a free and comprehensive analysis […]

Lost My Workers Comp Case in Pennsylvania- Can I Appeal?

Absolutely. You need to be careful about the timing of your appeal, and you want to make sure you have an attorney representing you, to maximize your chances. It is not easy to overturn a Decision from a Workers’ Compensation Judge in Pennsylvania, because it is solely within the WCJ’s discretion to fact find, and […]