>Cardamone Wins Hotly Contested Claim Petition Against Large Employer

>PA Work Comp Lawyer, Michael W. Cardamone from Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, just won a Decision against one of the area’s largest employers, securing over $90,000.00 in past due wage loss benefits (less a credit for severance pay and some earnings for a short period of time), plus thousands in past, unpaid medical bills, in addition to ongoing wage loss and medical treatment for his client, who sustained a torn hamstring, hip, and groin injury while in the course and scope of his employment.

The case was defended vigorously by the Employer/Insurer, who deposed an IME doctor and several fact witnesses. The case was litigated for over 17 months.

The Employer/Insurer only offered $8,000.00 to settle the case. As a result, Cardamone recommended that his client reject the offer and go to a Judge’s Decision.

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Michael W. Cardamone- Voted PA Super Lawyer
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>What Is Mediation In PA Work Comp?

>A mediation is a meeting with you, your lawyer, the defense lawyer, and a neutral Judge, to help settle your case. A mediation can be mandatory- which is ordered by the Judge hearing your case- or voluntary, which is when both sides agree to it on their own. Mediations in Pennsylvania workers’ comp cases are generally very fruitful. It is good to hear a Judge share his or her thoughts as to the value of your case. Mediations are beneficial to both sides because it enables the parties to reach an agreement and avoid time consuming, expensive, and stressful litigation in court. It is not binding, which is a great thing. A settlement is never a done deal in PA Work comp unless and until it is approved at a hearing before a PA Workers’ Comp Judge, on the record.

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Michael W. Cardamone- PA Super Lawyer
Fighting For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania