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>Cardamone Enrolled Into First Judicial District 2008 Pro Bono Roll of Honor For "Exemplary" Pro Bono Work

>Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire, of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, a leading Pennsylvania workers’ compensation firm, has been enrolled in the First Judicial District 2008 Pro Bono Roll of Honor as an attorney whose pro bono work has been recognized by the judiciary as exemplary. Cardamone assisted a low income Philadelphia resident in an effort to […]

>Can I File for Workmans Comp If I Lose My Job or get Terminated?

>Yes. If you have sustained a work injury, you can file a claim within 3 years of the date of injury or the date on which you believed your condition might be work related. Will your case be stronger if it’s filed before a termination? Yes. But does a termination prevent you from filing? No. […]

>I Have Spent Money on Co- Pays for my PA work injury, can I get that money back?

>Yes. Make sure you have adequate proof of payment (ie, receipt, or print out from pharmacy). For a complete list of reimbursable items under the Pennsylvania Workers Comp Act, call experienced and successful PA workmans comp lawyer Michael W. Cardamone at 215.206.9068 or email for a free consult. Michael W. CardamoneVoted PA Super

>Can I Get Reimbursed For Miles Traveled to an IME?

>Yes. Or, alternatively, you can ask that the insurer provide transportation to and from the IME. If you receive a notice for an Independent Medical Exam, be sure to call an experienced workmans comp lawyer like Michael W. Cardamone for guidance concerning this type of examination. Free Consults 7 days a week215.206.9068 or feel free […]

>Areas of Service/Types Of Cases/Locations

>This is just a broad sample of the areas in which I help injured workers in Pennsylvania: Need a PA workmans comp lawyer in PhillyBucks County Workers Comp LawyerNeed a PA workmans comp lawyer in PottsvilleNeed a PA Workmans comp lawyer in AllentownNeed pa workmens comp lawyer in LansdaleMalvern, PA Work Comp LawyerWork comp lawyer […]

>Utilization Review PA Work Comp

>A Utilization Review is a request to determine whether certain medical treatment is reasonable and necessary. The burden of proving treatment is unreasonable and unnecessary is on the insurer- at all stages of the process. If you have treatment that is being challenged, call me and I will explain the process in further detail. I […]

>Cash Settlements PA Workmens Comp

>Are you entitled to a cash settlement for your PA workmens comp case? Absolutely. But only if the insurer/employer is ready to negotiate with you. You cannot settle a case on your own, of course. Sometimes the employers/insurers in Pennsylvania workers comp cases would rather pay you your weekly or bi weekly checks, instead of […]