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What Does A Workers Comp Courtroom Look Like?

Generally, it is a small room with a desk for the Judge, and two tables for the litigants/parties- one table for the injured worker and/or counsel, and one table for the insurance company’s counsel. There are usually some chairs for others to watch, as they await their case to be called. Some work comp judges […]

Will My Doctor Have To Testify For My PA Workmans Comp Case?

It depends. If your PA work comp lawyer files a Petition for benefits- called a Claim Petition, and if the claim is for 52 weeks or more of wage loss, then he or she will usually take the deposition of your treating physician- assuming that the physician supports the work-relatedness of your condition. Likewise, if […]

PA Work Comp Settlement Info

What happens at a Pennsylvania Worker Comp Settlement? The injured worker meets with his or her attorney to go over the settlement agreement, called a Compromise and Release. The papers are signed. The parties wait around for the Judge to call their case. Once called, the injured worker testifies. The lawyer will ask simple questions […]