What Does A Workers Comp Courtroom Look Like?

Generally, it is a small room with a desk for the Judge, and two tables for the litigants/parties- one table for the injured worker and/or counsel, and one table for the insurance company’s counsel. There are usually some chairs for others to watch, as they await their case to be called. Some work comp judges wear a black robe, as you might see on tv, and some do not. The court rooms vary in size depending on the location. There are hearing locations in each county.


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Will My Doctor Have To Testify For My PA Workmans Comp Case?

It depends. If your PA work comp lawyer files a Petition for benefits- called a Claim Petition, and if the claim is for 52 weeks or more of wage loss, then he or she will usually take the deposition of your treating physician- assuming that the physician supports the work-relatedness of your condition. Likewise, if the Employer files a Petition to terminate or reduce your benefits, your PA work comp lawyer will normally take the deposition of your treating doctor- within 90 days of the Employer’s medical deposition.

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A Unique Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Who Cares For Injured Workers

PA Work Comp Settlement Info

What happens at a Pennsylvania Worker Comp Settlement? The injured worker meets with his or her attorney to go over the settlement agreement, called a Compromise and Release. The papers are signed. The parties wait around for the Judge to call their case. Once called, the injured worker testifies. The lawyer will ask simple questions about the terms of the agreement. The hearing itself does not last very long. Each Judge has their own style, but the agreements are approved and the hearings go off without much commotion.

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