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If My Claim For Workers Comp Was Denied, What Do I Do Next?

Call experienced PA Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone for a free and prompt consult at 215-206-9068. We can file a Petition on your behalf and pursue the benefits you are entitled to. Do NOT let the insurer have the last word. They often deny claims for no reason whatsoever. There are time limits, so […]

Must I Dress Up When Attending a PA Work Comp Hearing?

You should look respectful to the Court, and not wear t-shirts, jeans, tank tops, shorts, or sandals. On the other hand, it is not necessary to wear a suit or dress. Just use your common sense and look appropriate. For free consults regarding Pennsylvania Work Comp cases, call PA Workplace Injury Attorney Michael W. Cardamone […]

Will The Judge Ask Me Questions At My PA Workmens Comp Hearing?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on the Judge and the nature of the petitions that brought you into court. Of course, if the Judge speaks to you, be courteous and responsive. It is proper to call the Judge, “Your Honor”. For more info about PA Work Comp Judges, call PA Work Comp Lawyer, Michael W. […]

How Often Can The Insurance Company Do An IME On Me In Pennsylvania?

Every 6 months. Some insurers, however, lose track of a file and wait much longer. Generally, more than 1 in 6 months is not reasonable or accepted, unless the IME is targeting injuries that requires different specialists. For more information about Independent Medical Exams in Pennsylvania, call experienced PA work comp lawyer Michael W. Cardamone […]

If I Was Injured In Pennsylvania, But Living In Another State, Can I Get PA Work Comp Benefits?

Yes. So long as your injury took place in Pennsylvania, you can pursue work comp benefits here. For more on this topic, call experienced Philly Workmens Comp Attorney Michael W. Cardamone for a free consult at 215-206-9068 or email

How Long Will My Workers’ Comp Case Take Until It’s Over?

It depends. Some cases resolve quickly and others take years to resolve. Some people go back to work and others cannot work or their employer cannot accommodate their restrictions. Some cases end up in court with years of litigation on many different issues, and other cases settle fast. Each case is unique despite a natural […]

Will I Get Fired From My Job If I Pursue Work Comp Benefits?

You could be, but it is considered discrimination and grounds for a potentially large case. Many employers will try to terminate injured workers, but they are smart enough to look for “other reasons” besides the work injury in doing so. For example, if you are late to work, or if there is an economic downturn, […]