Will I Get Fired From My Job If I Pursue Work Comp Benefits?

You could be, but it is considered discrimination and grounds for a potentially large case. Many employers will try to terminate injured workers, but they are smart enough to look for “other reasons” besides the work injury in doing so. For example, if you are late to work, or if there is an economic downturn, your employer could terminate you- absent a contract or public policy exception that says otherwise. Most employment in PA is “at will” so employers have a lot of freedom to fire someone- just as employees can generally quit without much notice or reasons given.

Injured workers in PA have every right to pursue work comp benefits. Do not let your employer intimidate you. In the same regard, be careful to follow company protocols- for example, if you can’t make it into work, follow the exact company policy by calling or giving a doctor’s note- or whatever the handbook dictates. Many employers will try to get rid of injured workers but they have to look for other reasons other than the work injury.

If you get fired, it does NOT necessarily mean your work comp case ends. In fact, most times, it doesn’t end.

For more on this topic, call or email experienced PA work comp lawyer Michael W. Cardamone for a free consult at 215-206-9068 or email mcardamone@krasno.com


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