PA Work Comp Lawyer Cardamone Settles Numerous Cases for PA Injured Workers

Pennsylvania Workmans Comp Lawyer– Michael W. Cardamone, settled numerous cases for injured workers in September totaling over $600,000.00 for his clients. It goes without saying that every case is unique and requires an individual analysis and review of medical records. No two cases are identical.

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Cardamone Wins Case Against Large Regional Food Distributor

Philadelphia Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone won a Reinstatement Petition for an injured worker after 12 months of contentious litigation and numerous hearings and depositions. The Judge awarded back due,and ongoing, wage loss and medical benefits to Cardamone’s client. Cardamone successfully argued that the treating physician was more credible than the IME doctor-and that Claimant’s testimony that he could not perform even a light duty job was credible given his serious upper extremity diagnoses.

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RSD or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer

If you have RSD or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, call Philly Lawyer Michael Cardamone to discuss which doctors may be best equipped to treat you, or to discuss your legal matters. These are serious diagnoses that require an experienced opinion. Having deposed the top RSD doctors in Pennsylvania, Attorney Cardamone knows the difficult nature of dealing with these conditions. Insurers and their doctors like to contest the very existence of these diagnoses, at times.

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Philadelphia RSD Lawyer

Can An Injured Worker In Pennsylvania Receive Unemployment Compensation While Out Of Work Due To A Work Injury?

Yes. If the worker is able and available to work, but not working due to a necessitous and compelling reason, then she is eligible. If an injured worker is totally disabled from working, they won’t be deemed “able and available to work”.  Someone with restrictions, however, should qualify. A work injury is a necessitous and compelling reason. If a worker voluntarily quits, they may be denied Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania. If a worker does receive Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania, and later receives work comp benefits, the employer/insurer will be entitled to a credit for the Unemployment Compensation received.

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