Do You Handle Construction Accident Work Comp Cases?

Yes. Absolutely.
Construction accidents in Pennsylvania are unfortunately common.
The same work comp rules and regulations apply to construction accidents as other types of work injuries.

You must prove that you were 1) employed, 2) injured on the job, 3) gave proper notice, 4) have a disability related to the work injury.

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How Much Will I Get If I Win My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case?

If the Judge determines you are disabled from your pre injury job as a result of your work-related injury, then you will get 2/3 of your average weekly wage leading up to the date of injury. The insurer will prepare a Statement of Wages based on your actual earnings for the 52 weeks prior to the date of injury. The Statement will show your Average Weekly Wage and the Compensation Rate. The Compensation Rate is what you will get if you win, for each week you’re disabled due to the work injury.

If you were employed less than 52 weeks before the date of injury with the time of injury Employer, there are other methods of determining your average weekly wage and comp rate.

10% statutory interest is payable on back due payments unless otherwise forfeited.

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Can I Accept A Job If I Am On Workmans Comp?

Yes. However, the earnings must be reported to the insurer. And, you should speak to your work comp lawyer before accepting a job. Sometimes, it’s better to try to settle a case, and then return to work, rather than accepting a job with a new employer, which will diminish the value of settlement.

Working is always a good thing- but sometimes it pays off to analyze the timing of accepting a new position. Getting advice from an experienced PA Work Comp Lawyer is very important in these circumstances.

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How Long After My First Work Comp Hearing Will I Receive A Decision In My Case?

If the case does not settle, then it usually takes between 9 and 12 months to obtain a written Decision from a PA Work Comp Judge. There are many factors, such as the nature of the petition, the particular Judge it is assigned to, whether there are delays in the case due to scheduling depositions with doctors, etc.

Some petitions such as Penalty Petitions can be much quicker- such as 3 months. Again, it simply depends on a host of factors.

It can be a long haul, so injured workers in Pennsylvania need to be patient and communicate regularly with their attorney to learn what benefits may exist to help survive financially.

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How Often Should My Workmans Comp Check Come If I Have A Pennsylvania Work Injury?

Your work comp check should come in the same frequency as your paycheck came prior to the work injury.

In many cases, this means it comes bi-weekly.

Many clients ask me if the insurer can do direct deposit with their work comp check. It is very unusual for the work comp insurer to do this, however.

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If I Had A Bad Back And Made It Worse From Working, Can I Get Workmans Comp?

Yes. If your doctor says that your prior back condition was aggravated or made worse by working, then you can pursue wage loss and medical benefits. An aggravation of a pre-existing condition is a work injury under Pennsylvania Work Comp Law.

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If My Employer Asks Me To Return To Work While I’m On Workmans Comp, Do I Have To Return?

You don’t have to. But there may be consequences. For example, if they ask you to return and you do not return, then they may terminate you. Or, they may argue in your work comp case that your wage loss benefits should be suspended/stopped because you refused available work within your restrictions.

But these are tricky scenarios usually. The Employer often pushes the injured worker to do more than the medical restrictions call for. Or, sometimes, they just want the injured worker to come back so they can fire them and then argue in work comp court that the wage loss is now due to the worker getting fired versus the work injury.

When an injured worker in Pennsylvania receives a job offer letter, the most important thing to do is talk to an experienced Pennsylvania Workmans Comp Lawyer like myself. The advice won’t cost you anything out of your pocket and you could make big mistakes without such advice.

Every case is unique and has its own facts so be careful about listening to co-workers or friends’ advice from their situations. Your case may have different circumstances warranting different action.

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