How Do Lawyers Get Paid In Pennsylvania Work Comp Cases?

We get paid 20% of any wage loss benefits that we secure for an injured worker- or 20% of wage loss that we prevent the insurer or employer from reducing. Likewise, if we settle your case, we receive 20% of the settlement amount.

Fees in PA Work Comp are contingent. This means, we only get paid if we win something for you. You don’t pay us anything out of your own pocket like you may with a criminal law attorney or divorce attorney.

It is a great system because it allows injured workers to get representation without having to pay out of pocket. This helps level the playing field with the employers and insurance companies who can easily pay their attorneys to try to take away your benefits.

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Can I Apply For Social Security If I Am On Workmans Comp?

Yes. However, if you receive social security retirement benefits after the date of the work injury, then the insurer/employer gets a 50% credit.

If you get on social security disability, your work comp checks do not go down. But the SSD check will be lower due to the receipt of the work comp.

Talk to your lawyer before applying for benefits so that you can understand the impact of the benefits on each other.

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Death Claims In Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp

If an injured worker dies from the work injury, a claim petition must be filed within three years after the date of death. The death must occur within 300 weeks after the injury.

In occupational disease claims, the death from an occupational disease shall be the basis for the payment of compensation only where the compensable disability occurs within 300 weeks of the last date of employment in an occupation or industry to which the employee was exposed to hazards of such disease.

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If My Work Comp Claim Is Denied, Can I Get Short Term Disability?

If work comp denies your claim, and if you have short term disability, you can pursue that. Give the short term disability people your Denial so they know that work comp is not paying. (even if your work comp case is in litigation). If you ultimately end up with work comp benefits, then work comp may be entitled to a credit to the extent the short term disability plan was funded by the employer.

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If I Am Still Working, Can I Pursue A Work Comp Case In Pennsylvania?

Yes. In Pennsylvania, you are entitled to wage loss benefits and medical benefits. If you are making the same or more as you did before the work injury, you can still pursue a claim if you were denied, for medical benefits.

This is a frequent scenario. It is wise to “lawyer up” because the insurance companies often minimize the nature of your injury- calling it a “strain” or “sprain” and that can come back to haunt you if it is not challenged.

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Who Pays For The Depositions In A Pennsylvania Work Comp Case?

If I take a deposition for my client, my firm pays for it unless otherwise agreed. The medical depositions can be quite expensive- sometimes even $5,000.00. This is why the Work Comp Judges in Pennsylvania often tell injured workers that without a work comp lawyer, they can expect to lose their case. Most people do not have, or want to spend, thousands of dollars on a deposition. And, knowing how to take one is another issue altogether.

If the Employer has a witness testify, then their work comp insurer pays for it, or the Employer if self insured.

If the injured worker wins the litigation/case, then his or her attorney will get reimbursed the litigation costs from the insurer/employer if the Judge so awards.

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Can I Get Short Term Or Long Term Disability While On Workmans Comp In Pennsylvania?

Yes. However, the insurer gets a credit for the STD or LTD benefits to the extent funded by the Employer. So, if the employee pays for the entire premium of the STD or LTD coverage, then there is no credit against the work comp benefits. But if the employee only pays 20%, then the insurer gets a credit for 80%.

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