How Do Lawyers Get Paid In Pennsylvania Work Comp Cases?

We get paid 20% of any wage loss benefits that we secure for an injured worker- or 20% of wage loss that we prevent the insurer or employer from reducing. Likewise, if we settle your case, we receive 20% of the settlement amount.

Fees in PA Work Comp are contingent. This means, we only get paid if we win something for you. You don’t pay us anything out of your own pocket like you may with a criminal law attorney or divorce attorney.

It is a great system because it allows injured workers to get representation without having to pay out of pocket. This helps level the playing field with the employers and insurance companies who can easily pay their attorneys to try to take away your benefits.

For more info about lawyer fees in Pennsylvania Work Comp cases, call workers comp lawyer Michael W. Cardamone for a free and prompt consult 7 days a week.

Workers Comp Lawyer Pennsylvania

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