Do I Need A Witness To My Injury To Win A Work Comp Case In Pennsylvania?

No. There is no witness requirement. But credibility is always an issue so the Judge must determine that what you are testifying to as the cause of your condition is credible. Moreover, your doctor must also find your history to be credible. In repetitive injury cases, there really would not be a witness anyway as the injury happens over a course of time.


Of course, there are other requirements that must be proven to have a successful Pennsylvania Work Comp Claim:

-Must be Employed

-Must give Notice within 120 days


-In the Course and Scope of Employment

-With a Resultant Disability

-Related Thereto


However, does having a witness hurt a case? Of course not. But it is fairly rare that I present a witness in a work comp case. It just isn’t necessary in most cases.


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