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Do You Need An Experienced RSD Lawyer In Philadelphia or Pennsylvania?

If you have RSD  (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, call experienced Philly Lawyer  Michael Cardamone to discuss which doctors may be best equipped to treat you, or to discuss your legal matters. These are serious diagnoses that require an experienced opinion. Having deposed the top RSD doctors in Pennsylvania, Attorney Cardamone knows […]

Other Than Going To Court, What Do Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorneys Do?

Clients of mine often seem intrigued by attorneys and what we do every day.  Here are some of the things that I do each and every week on behalf of injured workers in Pennsylvania: -Prepare for and attend hearings -Prepare for and attend depositions -Prepare for and attend mediations -Speak to clients on phone, in […]

What Are Some Of The Important Factors In Determining A Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement?

There are many factors. And, each case is unique. However, some of the factors include:   Average Weekly Wage before the work injury Extent of Disability Whether an Independent Medical Examiner agrees with the treating physician regarding the cause of the diagnoses, the nature of the diagnoses, and the disability arising from the diagnoses Age […]

My Doctor Doesn’t Seem To Be On The Same Page As Me, What Should I Do?

Talk to your work comp lawyer. Sometimes, it’s better to iron things out with your physician- if they are willing, of course, and sometimes it’s better to move on and find a better advocate.  You certainly want to avoid the appearance of doctor shopping so it’s always better to have continuity with a doctor, but […]

How Long Will It Take To Know If Work Comp Is Accepting My Pennsylvania Work Injury Claim?

Once you give notice of your work injury, the Employer/Insurer has 21 days to accept, deny, or temporarily accept your claim. If they do not issue an acceptance, denial, or temporary acceptance within that time frame, they are in violation of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, and subject to penalties, up to 50%, pursuant to […]

What Is The Difference Between The Americans With Disabilities Act And The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act?

First, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act deals with injuries on the job. The Americans With Disabilities Act deals with disabilities whether work -related or not. In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation, the term disability refers to a work injury plus wage loss. Under the ADA, disability signifies a mental or physical impairment that “substantially limits one or […]

Cardamone Speaks To Easton Area Employers As Work Comp Expert

Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire, spoke to several Easton area employers today, along with Attorney Charles Brown, as part of a panel of Workers’ Compensation Experts Seminar put on by Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services. The seminar was moderated by Darin Lusch who is the coordinator for Phoenix Rehab. Darin did an outstanding job. Michael represents […]