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If I Get Workers Comp Wage Loss Benefits, Will I Get Interest On Past Due Amounts?

Yes, 10% per annum (per year) unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.   This is meant to help the injured worker. In Claim Petition proceedings, which can take up to a year or more, the interest on back due amounts can be significant.   If the Employer/Insurer failed to pay benefits that were owed […]

Why Does My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case Take So Long?

The rules state that each party has 3 months for their medical evidence. That’s 6 months right off the bat. In addition, there is time for the parties to submit written arguments on whatever issues are pending. Usually, 45 to 60 days is allowed by the judges.  Then, it’s another few months, depending on the […]

Pennsylvania Super Lawyer Workers’ Compensation

Here is a link to my Pennsylvania Super Lawyer site:

Where Can I Find the Law On Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

I made it easy for you- the link is below. As you can see, the PA Work Comp Law is quite complicated with many technical provisions. It is strongly suggested that if you are injured at work in Pennsylvania, that you hire an experienced PA Work Comp Lawyer. If you do not, the Judge […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements- How Does It Work?

Here is a link to a legal guide I published on Avvo regarding Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements.   Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement Lawyer

Cardamone Wins Case Against Well Known Chain Restaurant

Michael Cardamone has defeated a well known chain restaurant in litigation involving his client’s work-related injury from repetitive work activities. The case commenced in November 2010 and was heard by Workers’ Compensation Judge, Bruce K. Doman in Doylestown, PA.  Cardamone presented his client’s testimony before Judge Doman, and the trial deposition of his client’s treating […]