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How Does The Hearsay Rule Come Into Play In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Cases?

Hearsay is an out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted therein. In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases, hearsay objections most often occur in the context of medical evidence. If a claim is for more than 52 weeks of compensation, the party seeking to introduce medical evidence must take a deposition […]

I Told My Boss That I Was Hurt At Work, So Why Isn’t Workers Comp Sending Me Money?

Once you are injured at work, you must report the injury.  Once you report the injury, the Employer/Insurer has 21 days to issue one of 3 documents:  1) A Notice of Compensation Payable which accepts your claim, 2) A Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable which temporarily accepts your claim for up to 90 days as […]