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What Are The Benefits Of A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

There are many. However, the most significant benefit is arguably the certainty of the outcome versus the uncertainty that accompanies litigation where anything can happen. When an injured worker in Pennsylvania settles his or her workers’ compensation claim, he knows exactly what he’s getting in exchange for closing down the case. The terms of the […]

Testimonial For Top PA Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone

“Mike, Thanks much for that bang up job that you accomplished with the darn disability people. I have dealt with many lawyers in my 21.5 years in law enforcement, but never with one as intelligent and with a personality like yourself! Most talk a big game, then nothing happens. Well, not you! I would recommend […]

If I Am An Independent Contractor Can I Get Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

No. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act only covers employees. An “Employee” is synonymous with servant and includes all natural persons who perform services for another for a valuable consideration.  An independent contractor is not an employee because of the absence of a master/servant relationship. Some of the key factors in determining whether someone is an […]