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Pennsylvania Department of Labor And Industry Information

In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation we often brush up against other areas of the law. One of those areas deals with wage and hour issues such as minimum wage, sick pay, breaks, etc.  Here is some useful info from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry: If you need more info about these issue or […]

Pennsylvania Super Lawyer Workers’ Compensation For Injured Workers

Thank you to my colleagues for voting me a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer- “Rising Star” in 2012- in the area of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. This is the 4th consecutive year they have voted for me.  The Rising Stars are the top 2.5 percent of attorneys in their practice area, who have either practiced for less than […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation- Description Of Injury- Why Does It Matter?

In a Pennsylvania Work Comp case, the employer/insurer usually issues a Notice of Compensation Payable when they accept the fact that a work injury took place. On this key, controlling document, there is a place in the upper left hand corner to list “body parts affected” and “type of injury”.  In the vast majority of […]

Septa Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia

On the news recently, we’ve heard about the high incidence of Septa drivers getting assaulted. If you work for Septa and are injured while working, you are entitled to 2/3 of any wage loss that results from the injury, in addition to payment of all medical bills for reasonable, necessary, and related medical treatment. Septa […]