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Do I Need To Give Written Notice Of My Pennsylvania Workers Comp Injury To My Employer?

No.  Written notice of a PA Work Injury is not required. However, it will serve to protect you against a notice defense.  An injured worker has a maximum of 120 days to give notice (verbal or written) of his/her work injury to the employer. In many cases, an injured worker in Pennsylvania will testify that […]

The Insurance Company Lawyer Has Filed A Petition To Terminate My PA Work Comp Benefits- Will My Checks Stop Immediately?

No.  If you are receiving Pennsylvania Work Comp indemnity (ie, wage loss) benefits, they must continue until such time as a Judge enters an Order stopping them.  If a Petition to Terminate has been filed, the attorney for the Employer/Insurer will ask for Supersedeas. Supersedeas in Pennsylvania Work Comp cases means that the Employer/Insurer is […]