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How Lawyers Help Society- Often In A Quiet Way

What a great, insightful, well-written piece on the role of lawyers in the world.   Click here to read!

Pennsylvania Workers Comp-It IS About The Money!

Recently, a prospective client called me and we spoke about her workers’ compensation case. During the course of our talk, she said “it’s not about the money”.  While this is a trendy and popular thing to say- often times as a defense mechanism to ward off unfair images of greed-it really is misplaced in a […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney Michael W. Cardamone In Main Line Today Magazine

Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire, a workers’ compensation lawyer representing injured workers in Pennsylvania is one of several attorneys featured in Main Line Today Magazine– August 2012 Issue. Michael has been fighting for injured workers for over a decade and has a high success rate before the work comp judges. He has recently joined as […]