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Pennsylvania Act 534 and Heart and Lung Act- Facts You Need To Know

Here is some important info about Pennsylvania’s Act 534 and the Heart and Lung Act: -An employee eligible for Act 534 or Heart and Lung Benefits is entitled to full, base salary. The employer pays the salary.  Work comp benefits that may be payable are either paid directly  to the employer by the insurer or must […]

Who Are My Clients?

Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire represents injured workers across Pennsylvania. His clients include: Septa Workers Union Workers Nurses Certified Nursing Assistants Truck Drivers Factory Workers Construction Workers Office Workers Bus Drivers State Workers Masons Waiters and Waitresses Carpenters Mechanics Retail Workers Pharmacists Engineers Secretaries School Teachers Remember–  traumatic work injuries (ie, sudden onset) and repetitive work […]

My Notice Of Compensation Payable Doesn’t Have The Correct Description Of My Work Injury- What Should I Do?

The simply answer is: speak with an experienced Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer. Once you are injured at work and give notice of your injury to your employer, the workers’ compensation carrier or third party administrator (which is like an insurance company but they don’t spend their own money) has 21 days to issue an acceptance […]