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How Does Settlement Work In Pennsylvania Work Comp Cases? Lecture By Lawline Faculty Member Michael Cardamone of The Cardamone Law Firm Free Consults For Injured Workers At 215-206-9068

Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement Amounts

Attorney Michael W. Cardamone represents injured workers across Pennsylvania. In 2012 he negotiated the following settlements on behalf of his clients. Note that in addition to the lump sums listed below, Mr. Cardamone prevented the insurer or employer from reducing his client’s checks in many of the cases, netting his clients tens of thousands in […]

How Does Settlement Work In Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer, Michael W. Cardamone, represents injured workers across Pennsylvania, winning and settling millions of dollars in wage loss and medical benefits for his clients every year. In the course below, Michael presents a lecture on Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Settlement, to help educate other lawyers who may not have the experience or knowledge […]

Mutual And Unilateral Mistakes Of Fact In The Context Of A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Compromise & Release Agreement

In the case of Hoang v. WCAB (Howmet Aluminum Casting), (will refer to case as Hoang hereinafter) filed by the Commonwealth Court on August 20, 2012, an injured worker sought to have an Order approving a Compromise & Release Agreement (ie, settlement agreement) overturned based on a “mutual mistake of fact” regarding unpaid medical bills.  […]