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Do You Like Being A Lawyer?

I can’t speak for my colleagues, but the answer for me is yes! I’ve always liked the idea of being a lawyer. That’s probably because my dad was a lawyer. Even as a kid, I could see the passion overflowing in him. He would come home for dinner around 630 every night and he talked my […]

Repetitive Work Related Injury Lawyer In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Do repetitive work injuries count as work-related injuries in Pennsylvania? Yes! Whether your injury was sustained suddenly, or from repetitive work activities, it is a work injury so long as 1) you were an employee at the time, 2) it occurred in the course and scope of your employment (ie, while you were working), and […]

If My Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case Goes To Court, How Does It Work?

Some cases never go into litigation. An injured worker in Pennsylvania may receive work comp benefits, then return to her pre-injury job with no drama or litigation. But many cases do end up in court. There may be a dispute over the amount of the compensation due, the nature of the work-related injury, a disagreement […]

What Does A Notice Of Ability To Return To Work (LIBC 757) Mean In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

I get many phone calls from clients and prospective clients about the peculiar document, called a Notice of Ability To Return To Work. This is a form, LIBC 757, sent to an injured worker pursuant to Section 306(b) (3) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. That provision states, “If the insurer receives medical evidence that […]