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Should I Do A Mediation If I Have A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case?

Yes! Mediations are very effective in helping to resolve a case. The PA Work Comp Judges, at the first hearing, will usually schedule a mandatory mediation-unless the parties agree that it is futile. An example of futility is if the insurer doesn’t give the attorney any authority to settle the case for a lump sum. […]

Lansdale, PA and Hatfield, PA Work Comp Lawyer

Do you live around the Lansdale or Hatfield, PA area? I handle our firm’s cases in these areas and know the workers’ compensation judges very well. This can be a benefit to our clients as I get to know the particular quirks and procedures of the judges. Lansdale and Hatfield are home to many businesses, […]

Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements- A Comprehensive Overview From PA Work Comp Attorney Michael W. Cardamone

Spring 2013 Update For PA Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone

Spring 2013 is here and workers’ comp is heating up just like our weather. (ok, the weather SHOULD be heating up) Here are some updates with my workers’ compensation practice: -Settled a case for $110,000.00 for a client who injured his neck and shoulder in a work-related accident in which a heavy garage door suddenly fell on […]

Philadelphia PA Construction Accident Lawyer- Why Experience Is So Critical

I have 14 years of experience handling workplace construction accident cases. These injuries are often quite serious and require the expertise of an experienced workplace injury lawyer. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation is a complex maze of rules and regulations that the insurer likes to use to minimize an injured worker’s case. Navigating this system alone is a […]

Sons of Ben: The Movie

I am a proud member of the Sons of Ben. A movie is being made about the Sons of Ben- but the producers need more financial backing. The link is below. Please help if you can- the exposure for Philadelphia, and the financial aid this could bring to struggling Chester, PA is priceless. If you […]

If My IME Doctor Alleges I Am Fully Recovered From My Pennsylvania Work-Related Injury, Can They Stop My Checks?

No. If you are receiving Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation wage loss benefits for an accepted claim, the insurer or third party administrator is not permitted to stop your checks merely because it has received a medical report from a doctor claiming that you are recovered from the work injury. To stop the checks in this situation, the […]