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If I Am Injured At Work In Another State Outside of Pennsylvania, Can I Still Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Pennsylvania?

Yes, but only in limited circumstances. This falls under the extraterritorial provisions of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, added in 1974. Here are situations where an injured worker can pursue Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits if the injury takes place outside of Pennsylvania: 1) the employment is principally localized in Pennsylvania;  OR 2) the employee is […]

Eleazar Ortiz v. WCAB- Does An Employer In Pennsylvania Have To Show Job Availability To Suspend An Unauthorized Alien’s Temporary Total Disability Benefits Under The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act ?

No! In Eleazar Ortiz v. WCAB, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania held that Claimant’s status as an undocumented alien does not preclude the award of temporary total disability benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. However, if an employer wants to suspend a claimant’s TTD, it does not have to show job availability under a […]

If The IME Doctor Says I Am Fully Recovered From My PA Work Injury, Is My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case Over?

Absolutely not. The IME report is simply an opinion from a hand picked doctor by the insurer. The IME doctor does not have the final say- the Work Comp Judge does! You will be able to have your doctor’s reports, or deposition, taken to defend any allegation of a recovery, in addition to your own […]

Should I Allow A Nurse Case Manager To Help Me With My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case?

NO! So many injured workers mistakenly believe that their nurse case manager is their friend and looking out for them. WRONG! They are essentially a spy hired by the employer or insurer to interfere with your medical appointments and to put pressure on the doctor to release you back to work. You are an adult […]