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What Does Supersedeas Mean In A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case?

Supersedeas is the employer or insurer’s request to reduce or eliminate indemnity (wage loss) benefits based on an allegation of a full recovery or an earning power. The request is made in the Petition to Terminate, Suspend, or Modify. The injured worker is allowed to rebut the request for Supersedeas. If you are an injured […]

Under The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, Can I Still Pursue Workers’ Compensation Benefits If I Aggravated A Preexisting Injury While Working?

YES! It is a myth that an injured worker, who may have hurt her back in the past, cannot pursue workers’ compensation as a result of aggravating her back while working. I frequently talk with people who believe they cannot pursue PA Work Comp benefits because they had pain in the same body part before […]

Does An Employer In Pennsylvania Have To Show Job Availability For A Suspension of Workers’ Compensation Benefits When A Claimant Has Non-Work-Related Injuries That Are Totally Disabling?

No. Pursuant to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Decision in Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Cunningham), No. 2045 C.D. 2011. Claimant suffered a work-related injury to his right knee as a mechanic in June 1996- the Employer, after temporarily accepting his claim, then denied it. Claimant filed a Claim Petition. […]