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How Long Does A Pennsylvania Work Comp Case Take?

This question is usually one of the first questions a client or prospective client asks me. The answer? It depends. A very “lawyer-like” answer, I know. But it’s simply the truth. Some cases are settled in mere days or weeks and others take years or never settle. Also, there is a difference between the life […]

If I Have A Workers’ Comp Case In Pennsylvania, Will I Get Pain And Suffering Money?

No! The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides wage loss and medical benefits. The purpose of the Act is to provide injured workers with an income stream and medical benefits until their earning power is restored. Pennsylvania Work Comp benefits are payable without regard to fault. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you were injured […]

If I Settle My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case, Will I Have To Resign From My Job?

It depends. Many employers in Pennsylvania require a resignation from the pre-injury employer as part of a global Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement which is called a “Compromise & Release“. While a resignation has no bearing on whether the settlement will be approved by the Work Comp Judge, (the Judge has no jurisdiction over the issue), […]

How Much Do I Get Paid For A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Injury

Pursuant to Section 306 of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, (a) (1), “for total disability, sixty-six and two thirds per centum of the wages of the injured employe as defined in Section 309 beginning after the seventh day of total disability, and payable for the duration of total disability, but the compensation shall not be […]

Information On Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements and Medicare Set Asides

A Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set Aside is a financial arrangement which allocates a certain portion of a Workers’ Compensation Settlement for future medical care. The Medicare Set Aside funds must be used up before Medicare pays for the work-related injury or illness. What is the purpose of a Medicare Set Aside? The purpose is to […]