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The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC Press Release

The Cardamone Law Firm,LLC Press Release

The Cardamone Law Firm Opens!

The Cardamone Law Firm, Founded By Certified Work Comp Lawyer, Michael W. Cardamone, And Its Affiliated Brand, MyPhilly WorkersComp, Opens For Business This Week With Offices In Blue Bell And Philadelphia

Reichert V. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board- Does An Employer, Under The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, Fail To Meet Its Burden Of Proof In A Labor Market Survey Under Section 306(b)(2) When It Fails To Establish The Absence of Open And Available Jobs At The Pre-Injury Employer?

Unfortunately for injured workers the answer is no.  In this Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Decision, handed down on November 8, 2013, the Court held that an employer does NOT have the burden to prove the non-existence of available work at its own facility as a necessary element of the modification petition. Rather, a claimant may […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation And Child Support Information

How does a child support lien affect a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case? This issue arises in many cases. Workers’ Compensation benefits in Pennsylvania can be attached for payment of a support order. Act 109 of 2006 made a change to the Domestic Relations Act to state that support which is delinquent under a payment schedule […]

Philip Payes v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board- Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case Regarding Mental-Mental Cases And Abnormal Working Conditions

In Payes v. WCAB, decided October 30,2013, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found that the Commonwealth Court erred by not accepting the well-supported facts by the Workers’ Compensation Judge establishing the existence of an extraordinarily unusual and distressing single work-related event experienced by Appellant (injured worker) resulting in his disabling mental condition, where such single and […]