The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC/MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney Wins Big Workers’ Compensation Case For Injured Bus Driver

Michael W. Cardamone, owner of The Cardamone Law Firm, and a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist, has secured a significant victory for an injured worker, injured while in the course of employment as a bus driver. The litigation spanned over a year and involved medical expert depositions and lay testimony.

With the victory, Cardamone’s client gets back due wage loss and medical benefits from May 2012 to the present- and ongoing. The Workers’ Compensation Judge, in a 23 page Decision, found Cardamone’s client credible as well as his medical expert’s opinion, while rejecting the medical testimony from the employer’s medical expert.

When you want a specialized PA Work Comp Attorney, call Attorney Cardamone at (215) 206-9068 or email  There aren’t many attorneys in Pennsylvania who limit their practice to 100% workers’ compensation for injured workers.

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Pennsylvania Work Injury Attorney, Michael W. Cardamone Of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC Wins Big RSD/CRPS Case For Injured Worker

Michael W. Cardamone, known by the trademark MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney, of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC has secured a significant victory for his client in a case involving Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Cardamone filed a Petition to Review to expand the accepted diagnoses on the Notice of Compensation Payable (“NCP”) which listed his client’s injuries as several fractures, dislocation of the right arm and wrist, and a concussion.  The Notice of Compensation Payable in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case is a key, controlling document until otherwise amended. Cardamone sought to expand the NCP by adding Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“RSD/CRPS”) of the right upper extremity. Defendant/Insurer would not agree to this notwithstanding the significant complex of symptoms exhibited by Claimant.

By way of brief summary, Claimant sustained a serious injury on September 6, 2011 while working as an engineer for the Employer, when he fell off a ladder, landing with his right arm wedged between the wall and the floor. He suffered excruciating pain and blacked out. He was admitted to Hahnemann Hospital where he had surgery and was admitted for one week before starting outpatient rehab. He started to have tremors in the affected arm and was re-hospitalized and referred to a neurologist. He had another surgery, to his wrist, in November 2012 due to extensive pain and tremors. He has continued to treat and has unrelenting symptoms including constant, heavy pain, feelings of hotness, needles, and tremors. Claimant’s symptoms are so severe that he cannot eat using his right arm and cannot even cut meat.

Litigation ensued and lasted 14 months. Cardamone presented his client’s testimony which the Workers’ Compensation Judge deemed credible. Cardamone also presented the deposition testimony of Claimant’s treating physician, a board-certified neurologist, who had examined Claimant on multiple occasions. The insurance company’s counsel presented the deposition of the Independent Medical Examiner (we know they aren’t independent, but hand-picked by the insurer), a board- certified neurologist, who claimed there were no clinical findings to support a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD. Instead, he alleged the injury was a neuropathic pain process affecting the right hand secondary to the internal injuries.

However, on cross examination, Attorney Cardamone exposed numerous deficiencies in the medical expert’s examination and opinions. Cardamone revealed that the physician failed to ask Claimant whether he had swelling of the affected limb, whether he asked Claimant if he noticed any unusual sweat patterns, whether Claimant noticed any temperature changes in the limb, and what type of pain levels he was experiencing. These are all important hallmarks of RSD/CRPS. Moreover, Cardamone elicited testimony from the physician revealing that the medical expert for the insurer had not reviewed any of the medical records for treatment after his examination in April 2012, nor had he reviewed Claimant’s testimony or that of Claimant’s medical expert.

The Workers’ Compensation Judge issued a 16 page Decision summarizing the facts, the law, and why Cardamone had met his burden of proof in demonstrating that the Notice of Compensation Payable should be amended to include Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the right upper extremity. In addition, litigation costs were awarded.

As a result of the Decision from the Workers’ Compensation Judge, Cardamone’s client can now receive the treatment he needs to help with his incapacitating pain without having to worry about the financial stress.

If you need assistance with a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case, call Certified Work Comp Specialist, Michael W. Cardamone at (215) 206-9068 or email him directly at 7 days a week for a free consult. Representing injured workers is 100% of his practice and he is helping injured workers across the State of Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney Michael W. Cardamone Of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC- Winter 2014 Update

Thank you for reading my Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Blog. I wanted to provide an update with my practice.

-Since opening The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC in late November 2013, I’ve been retained by many injured workers who need a strong advocate to help fight for their benefits.

-My clients span from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Lancaster to Bradford- all over Pennsylvania. They include truck drivers, nurses, nursing assistants, office workers, union members, factory workers, laborers, bus drivers, etc.

-I’ve secured numerous victories in Workers’ Compensation Court for my clients.

-I’ve negotiated numerous settlements for my clients including some exceeding six figures.

-My KYW News Radio 1060 radio ad has been airing regularly on the radio- KYW News Radio is the most respected radio station in the Delaware Valley. As a result, my affiliated brand known as MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney is becoming widely recognized, and relatively quickly.

-I’ve been voted by my peers for the 5th time as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law.

-I continue to maintain a perfect 10 out of 10 score by the Avvo Legal Ratings.

-Currently, I’m working on a seminar for for whom I’m a Faculty Member speaking on behalf of injured workers in Pennsylvania. The seminar will be 60 minutes and focus on presenting persuasive evidence for injured workers in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case.

-I’ve been invited to an awards dinner in Philadelphia for my pro bono work for a financially challenged Philadelphia resident who was involved in a breach of contract dispute.

-I’ve continued to expand my network of top PA Lawyers in other areas of the law which benefits my clients who need legal help outside of their PA Work Comp case.

-Still working on a book I’m writing about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. I anticipate that it will be completed in the Fall of 2014.

-Looking forward to the release of Sons of Ben- The Movie– a documentary about the passionate Philadelphia Union supporters group- for which I’m a member- and their incredible story of successfully lobbying for an MLS team in Philly, their incredible support of the team and their charity work, and their brotherly bond. I may be seen in a picture or scene of the film. I helped the fundraising efforts for this great work of art. Being involved with the movie and as a fan of the Union has only heightened my love for our great city of Philadelphia.

Thank you for your support. Please subscribe to my blog for updates that get emailed to you. If you know any injured workers, please let them know that I am one of the few attorneys in Pennsylvania who 1) is a Certified Specialist in PA Work Comp Law, 2) only handles cases for injured workers, and 3) limits 100% of practice to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation.

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