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Philadelphia Workers Comp Attorney- Case Law Update Regarding Pension Offset

In Stepp v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (No. 2270 C.D. 2013, filed September 10, 2014), the Commonwealth Court decided whether an employer may take an offset against a claimant’s workers’ compensation benefits under Section 204 (a) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act for pension benefits funded by its wholly-owned subsidiary. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. […]

Case Law Update: Can An Injured Worker Be Compensated For Ayurvedic Medical Treatment When Not Prescribed By A Licensed Pennsylvania Health Care Practitioner?

No. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, in a recent Opinion, (Babu v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board) has ruled that an injured worker- even though a nurse herself, cannot be reimbursed for Ayurvedic treatment she underwent in India because it was not done vis-a-vis a referral or under the supervision of a licensed Pennsylvania health care […]