Act 534 and Heart and Lung Pennsylvania

>When you need an Act 534 lawyer or a Heart and Lung Act lawyer, call Pennsylvania Attorney Michael W. Cardamone to protect your rights.

Michael is one of the few Pennsylvania Lawyers who has a grasp of both Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law and Act 534/Heart and Lung law. The two usually run parallel but they have different sets of rules.

When should you apply for disability retirement?
Can I be terminated from Act 534 if my condition is permanent?
How is workers comp and Act 534/Heart and Lung different?
When can I get my accrued personal, sick, and vacation time paid?
Can I lose my work comp case but win my Act 534 or Heart and Lung case?

These are common questions that I have the answers to.

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I am here to help protect your rights.
Do not handle your case without an experienced lawyer on your side.

Act 534 and Heart and Lung Attorney Pennsylvania

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