PA Workers’ Compensation RSD And Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Attorney, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

If you have a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case involving Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, feel free to call or email Attorney Michael Cardamone of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC for a Free Consult 7 days a week at (215) 206-9068 or  Hehas significant experience with these insidious conditions, how to handle the litigation, what testimony to elicit, and what doctors are best suited to treat them. Having CRPS or RSD is no picnic, and the added stress of trying to navigate the complicated Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation process alone will only serve to exacerbate your symptoms and stress levels. Employers and insurance companies do NOT like to admit that an injured worker has CRPS or RSD, let alone pay for it. Attorney Cardamone has several current cases involving these diagnoses and they are quite contentious as the medical experts often disagree about 1) how to diagnose it and 2) whether it’s causally related to the work injury.

Do not let your employer or insurer intimidate you into thinking that you don’t have CRPS or RSD or that it isn’t work-related. Let an experienced and Certified PA Work Comp Attorney review your case, including your medical records, to make this determination along with your treating physician.

Below is a link to information about CRPS and RSD to help you learn about the symptoms, the causes, and treatment options.


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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD Info

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  1. Allie lewis Reply

    Does the state of pA workers compensation strictly follow the AMA
    Definition for rsd/crps for awarding

    I am in california.
    I was working in Philadelpia, pA, hit my knee (4/2010) & now have Crps in 4
    Limbs. I have an attorney & a 2nd hearing april 1. I am very worried i
    Will get nothing.
    No one has ever asked what stAte
    I was in when i was injured!
    Can i refile ?

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