Best Workmans Comp Lawyer Philadelphia

The best workmans comp lawyer is someone who listens to you, who knows the law, who knows the judges, who knows how to get results.

The best work comp lawyer in Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania, or anywhere, is someone that not only has the attributes above, but also someone that respects you, and someone you can see eye to eye with.

Consult Work Comp Lawyer In Philadelphia

I often hear clients complain about their former lawyers- who didn’t respect them, who didn’t return their calls, who treated them like a file.

Part of the professional responsibility of a lawyer, including a PA workmans comp lawyer, is treating clients (ie, injured workers) with respect.

If you want someone to respect you, and someone who treats you fairly, then give Michael Cardamone a call at 215-206-9068 or email him at

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