Cardamone Wins Case For Injured Worker Against A Leading Defense Firm

Michael W. Cardamone just won a Review Petition for his client, an injured worker in Pennsylvania. Cardamone challenged the accepted work injury and asserted that the injury included the diagnoses from his client’s treating physician, in addition to a mental injury for depression and anxiety- which resulted from chronic pain and being unable to work.

Cardamone also successfully defended a Termination Petition wherein the Employer/Insurer alleged that his client was fully recovered from the accepted work injury.

The case was litigated for a year and involved 4 expert witnesses who testified via deposition, in addition to Claimant’s testimony.

Accordingly, his client will continue to receive bi-weekly workers’ compensation checks into the indefinite future, in addition to now being able to receive the necessary medical treatment for her back injury and psychological injuries.

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