Common Mistakes By Injured Workers

Here is a list of some things which can hurt your workers’ comp case:

1) Exagerrating your condition. Never do this. Many injured workers are quite anxious to explain everything they’ve been through to the Judge or a Doctor- however, exagerrating can really harm your case.

2) Failing to communicate with your attorney. Communication is really important as there are many potholes in these cases that can be avoided with good communication.

3) Failing to follow through with recommendations from your doctor. Don’t skip appointments, and be diligent with following through on what your doctor recommends.

4) Failing to give a good and accurate history to your doctor concerning prior injuries or accidents. Do your best to really think back about pre-work injury accidents or injuries. They will show up in your medical records, so think long and hard about what happened, when it happened and who you treated with and for how long.

5) Failing to follow your Employer’s procedures for calling out of work due to disability- or failing to follow up in good faith to a job offer from your Employer. Make sure that you do NOT give your Employer a good reason to fire you. If you have to present a doctor’s note for an absence, then get a doctor’s note. If they send you a letter about returning to work, do NOT ignore it. Call your attorney right away.

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