Does Cardamone Law Handle Construction Accident Related Workers’ Compensation Cases in Allentown, Pennsylvania?

Construction accidents in Pennsylvania are unfortunately common. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), private construction sector had the highest number of fatalities in Pennsylvania in 2020 including ill-fated falls, slips, and trips during the construction work.

Call Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Allentown

These construction injuries are often critical and put a lot of strain on the worker, as well as, their loved ones. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation act offers compensation for construction workers who get injured in the course of work but injured workers can find the details overwhelming to deal with the physical and financial crunch. That’s why workers’ compensation attorneys are there to help.

Construction Injuries in 2021

Do You Need A Construction Workers’ Comp Attorney in Allentown, PA?

If you are looking for a construction workers’ compensation attorney in Allentown, Pennsylvania and wondering if Cardamone Law provides consultation for construction injuries, the answer is: Yes. Absolutely! Cardamone Law, one of the best workers’ compensation firm in Allentown, PA, provides the professional consultation in all areas of work comp from construction to automobile accidents, throughout the Pennsylvania region.

Construction Accident Related Workers Compensation Cases
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Construction Work Comp – How It Works?

The same work comp rules and regulations apply to construction accidents as other types of work injuries. A construction accident lawyer will help you guide through the process of filing an official complaint about the injury, estimate the loss and work out a fair compensation, according to the PA workers’ compensation act.

You must prove that you were:

  1. Employed: That is, you worked at the construction company or site at the time of injury.
  2. Injured on the job: The construction accident happened at the job.
  3. Gave proper notice: You notified the employer or immediate manager about the work injury.
  4. Have a disability related to the work injury.

For more info about construction accidents and Pennsylvania Work Comp Law, call experienced construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, Michael W. Cardamone at 215-206-9068 or email

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