I Want To Settle My Work Comp Case- How Do I Accomplish That?

Call me and let me negotiate a good settlement for you. Do not do this on your own- you won’t get the kind of money your case is worth unless you have an experienced workers comp lawyer handling it for you. Your claims rep/adjustor is hoping you’ll make the mistake of doing it on your own.

Too often I see injured workers in Pennsylvania settling their claim for peanuts- simply b/c they didn’t want to call an attorney. Yes, you will give up 20% fee to the attorney, but you will net much more money overall when a settlement is handled by skilled counsel.

You may reach me any time at (215)-206-9068 or via email at Michael@cardamonelaw.com

See also www.phillyworkcomp.com

Michael W. Cardamone- A Leading Work Comp Lawyer in Pennsylvania

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