Information About Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If you are an injured worker and you receive a hearing notice, you want to speak to your PA Work Comp Lawyer as soon as possible. If you don’t have one, call us at (215) 206-9068. There are some Judges who want the injured worker present at all hearings, and other Judges who don’t expect the attendance unless testimony is being presented.

How long will a Pennsylvania Work Comp Hearing take? It depends! Sounds like a lawyerly answer, I know- but it’s true. Some hearings are 5 minutes or less- where the lawyers are giving the Judge an update with the evidence. Other hearings can take an hour or longer if testimony is being taken. If you have a settlement hearing, that often takes only about 10 minutes or so. Of course, you could be sitting around for much longer, just waiting for the Judge to dispose of prior cases, but the settlement hearings, once started, are quick.

Do you need to dress up? You should look respectable. That’s the bottom line. You are not required to wear a dress if you are a lady or a suit if you are a man. But showing up to Court in jean shorts or a tank top is not advised.

Who will attend the hearing? Well, the Work Comp Judge will be presiding. The two attorneys (sometimes more, if there is a “joinder petition”) will be present. Sometimes you will need to attend, per the above, and sometimes a witness from the employer will be there, or even the adjustor/claims rep. It depends on what’s happening at the hearing. Again, always touch base with your lawyer when you receive a hearing notice. They may not have all the details in place when the hearing notice comes out, about what will be happening at the hearing, but it’s a good practice to touch base anyway, and then stay tuned as the hearing approaches.

Will the hearing be recorded? Some Judges may not make a record if it’s just a quick update. Other Judges like to go on the record for every case, no matter what’s occurring. There will be a stenographer there, taking down each word that is said and a transcript can be requested.

For more information about Pennsylvania Work Comp Hearings, call or email us at (215) 206-9068 or

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