Information About Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law

Below is a link that will give you the very basics about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation. This area of the law is quite complex, however, and it is strongly recommended that you speak to an experienced Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer– not someone who dabbles in it, but whose entire practice is dedicated to protecting injured workers.

I am available 7 days a week for a free consult- 215-206-9068 or’_compensation/10386/about_workers’_compensation/552721

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  1. Mike Rowe Reply

    Michael Cardamome was my Lawyer during my struggle with my employer. I was hurt while on the job and Michael Cardamone was my salvation through it all. His knowledge and experience ultimatly got me a very fair settlement. In fact my wife got hurt at work recently and we knew we would only retain one Lawyer….. MICHAEL CARDAMONE

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