PA Work Comp Settlements

PA Workmans Comp Settlements

Some recent settlements of mine:

$170,000.00 for PTSD and back injury

$125,000.00- post-concussive syndrome

$160,000.00- multiple injuries

$75,000.00- back injury

$15,000.00- back injury

$80,000.00- back injury

$75,000.00- back injury

$25,000.00- back injury

$50,000.00- shoulder injury

As you can see, settlements range in scope. The amounts depend on many factors -the most important of which is loss of earning power. Other factors include whether a petition is pending, whether objective findings support the subjective complaints, average weekly wage of the employee, whether an IRE has been performed, whether a Labor Market Survey has been completed, extent of injury, credibility of doctors involved, whether future medical treatment is needed, etc.

Note: Pain and Suffering does NOT apply in Pennsylvania Workers Comp. Fault/negligence is not an issue. Earning power is the focus.

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