Pennsylania Workers’ Compensation Request for Supersedeas

What does a request for Supersedeas mean in a Pennsylvania Work Comp case? It means the insurer/employer is requesting to reduce or eliminate your wage loss checks based on evidence of an earning power- usually after an Independent Medical Exam is performed. You will see this request on a Petition to Terminate (alleging a recovery), a Petition to Suspend (alleging no loss of earning power), or a Petition to Modify (alleging some earning power).

If you don’t already have a Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney, you should call us right away. Supersedeas is a CRITICAL part of a PA Work Comp case because if you don’t win that first part of the case, your checks can be reduced or stopped as the litigation takes place- and that can take up to a year or more sometimes.

Supersedeas in Workers’ Compensation Law is a fancy way of saying the insurer wants to cut off, or reduce your checks, in most circumstances. It is a red flag to get lawyered up quickly!

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